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In the upcoming 2014 fanfilm reboot of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, the Orion Legend Rangers are a team of ancient Power Rangers that will aid the Galaxy Rangers in a battle to save Mirinoi 's central Mirinoi City from the massive destruction of Lord Metarex 's Zeon Army and Trakeena's ressurrected insect forces.

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Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 fanfilm)Edit

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  • (Actor TBA) - Red Orion Ranger
  • (Actor TBA) - Green Orion Ranger
  • (Actor TBA) - Blue Orion Ranger
  • (Actor TBA) - Yellow Orion Ranger
  • (Actress TBA) - Pink Orion Ranger


  • The Orion Legend Rangers will mainly serve as "Spirit Rangers" in the film. The last time we had Power Rangers in Spirit form, aiding the main team, was in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury's Spirit Rangers.
  • When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was still airing on Fox Kids around its 2nd season in 1994 and before then, after its 1st season wrapped, Saban did aquire some certain material, mainly the footage from the Sentai our Orion Legend Rangers are based on, but the only Ranger costume from Gosei Sentai Dairanger that has made it to Power Rangers, was the Kiba Ranger costume used for Tommy's White Ranger form for season 2-3.
  • When Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy underwent a lot of rewrites for episodes of its 2nd half of the season, It was also rumored that the Dairanger suits were going to be used as "Ancient Rangers" that were most likely the predecessors to the Galaxy Rangers, but here for the fanfilm, they are.
  • However, given early scripts of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce, it is assumed that the Dairangers' suits will be adapted into Power Rangers, with the tentative title of Power Rangers Star Force, and the Red Ranger being named Ryan.

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