Possible 2nd FilmEdit

A Fan-Film sequel following this is currently under wraps. It is currently in a pending title of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2.

Production PlansEdit

Since Trakeena has been dropped from the 2014 film, it may be possible (if Marsh returns and if the fan-film becomes a success on YouTube) she might be reintroduced for a future sequel. The Jerry Hall incarnation of the character has now been pushed for a sequel, if possible. Predictable fan-casting candidates included actress Jessica Chastain and former WWE diva/former TNA knockout Shelly Martinez as the iconic villain if a possible sequel of the new Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-series may happen. Marsh said that Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2014 is his 1 and only fan-film of Power Rangers he intends to make and decides not to, after this film, develop, pen, or contribute future sequels to a new series.

Planned StoryEdit

It will mainly focus on Tony, following his destiny of being the Red Ranger, retaining a close relationship with Gwen McQueen, and making 2 complicated choices, in Trakeena's favor of seducing him to join her to conquer Terra Venture, either her joins Trakeena to destroy Terra Venture and his Ranger team, or be with his friends to save the galaxy and defeat her for good. - This is for the audience and fans to decide. Plus, Trakeena, now in her 50s and resurrected, in this film, unlike in the TV series, has developed a split-personality problem. She uses the two personalities (one being her usual evil self and the other being Irene "Tracendra [2]" Lewis - a ballroom opera ballet dancer and the derranged obsessive stalker of Leo's) to seduce and stalk him, and aggressively manipulates him from being with his new Ranger friends. Trakeena/Tracendra's deverse plan also follows her will of alienating and seperating the Power Rangers at hand, causing them to turn against each other..

Possible 3rd FilmEdit

(Plans TBA)