The Quasar Sabers are ancient swords of power used by warriors 3,000 years ago to defend the galaxy. Placed in a
Quasar sabers appearing
stone altar on Mirinoi, it was prophesied that only the "chosen ones" would be able to free the sabers from the stone. For centuries the people of Mirinoi attempted to pull the sabers from the stone but all who tried failed. Ultimately, Maya (a native a Mirinoi) and five citizens of the space colony Terra Venture (who arrived to protect her world from Furio) were able to pull the swords from their altar. Gaining the saber's power and tapping into the Morphing Grid allowed Damon Henderson, Kai Chen, Maya, Kendrix Morgan, and Leo Corbett (after the Red Quasar Saber was passed to him by brother, Mike, who originally freed the saber, before his apparent death) to become the Galaxy Power Rangers.

Each of the sabers are specialized for their individual Ranger, each marked with that Ranger's Galactabeast. They can also channel the power of the Rangers for devestating elemental attacks. The sabers are the primary weapon of the Galaxy Rangers, even after they obtained the Transdaggers. When sheathed, the Quasar Sabers automatically shorten into daggers, to avoid getting in the way when not in use. When the Rangers obtained the Lights of Orion, the Quasar Sabers changed to suit the power boost, the hilts primarily becoming more elaborate than before.

At the end of the season, the Rangers place the sabers back into it's altar on Mirinoi which restores the people of Mirinoi from their stone state and also ressurects the first Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix, whose spirit is assumed to have merged her saber after her death. When needed, the sabers respective wielders can always pull them from the stone as seen in Lightspeed Rescue's Trakeena's Revenge and Wild Force's Forever Red.

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