This image of the Galaxy Rangers holding their Transdaggers is featured in some packagings for Bandai's toyline.

The Transdaggers are the lost weapons of the Galaxy Rangers, stolen at an unknown point in time by Horn, an intergalactic arms dealer. After a failed attempt to steal and destroy to the Quasar Sabers, the Rangers reclaimed the Transdaggers. Each Transdagger has five modes of weaponry and are capable transforming into those five weapons to suit the situation or preferred use of a Ranger. When all five daggers are held together to create the Transdagger Star Formation, the combined weapons create a powerful blast that will either wound or destroy their opponents.

The most vital and alternate use of the Transdaggers, however, is transforming the Galactabeasts into the Galactazords to form the [[ . When the Megazord is formed and the Rangers are transported into their respective
cockpits, the Transdaggers are placed within the center of rotating control base that allows the them to send commands to the Megazord with their right and left hand.
The choice modes of the Transdaggers for each Ranger are:
  • Red: The Magna Talon takes the form of a claw shaped dagger that can channel elemental fire attacks in one slash.
  • Blue: The Cosma Claw takes the form of a biclaw that channels the element of water for a devastating hit.
  • Green: The Trans Blaster takes the form of a crossbow or blaster that fires pulses of energy.
  • Yellow: Delta Daggers , take the form of twin melee daggers that can channel the element of lightning through shocking slash.
  • Pink: The Beta Bow takes the form of a bow that shoots out energy arrows from the base of the original Transdagger's form.

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